Walking on a Leash



Completed behavior looks like: A dog that walks at a comfortable pace with fluid movement within the confines of a 6 to 10 foot leash.


Begin with the dog off leash in a safe area. The dog must learn the movement first and the position second, or you risk training unnatural movement, which can result in physical discomfort for the dog.

When your dog is looking and focused on you, simultaneously walk slowly while dramatically dropping treats into the PVC tube.  Your dog should be walking in step with you while this is happening.  If so, tip the tube and allow one treat to fall on the ground. 

While the dog stops to eat the treat, keep walking at the same slow pace.  Once the dog finishes the treat, he should trot to catch up to your side and walk in pace with you again.  This time walk 10-15 paces before tipping the tube and allowing a treat to spill out.

The dog should stop to eat and trot again to catch up, finding his rhythm and natural pace.  This time walk 30 paces and turn when you tip the tube.  Take a break.

Always make a dramatic display about re-loading the tube. 


Practice this again and again, until you have obtained walking together for several minutes at a nice slow pace off leash.  While practicing, add turns, stops and different locations.

This is the foundation work and will take the longest amount of time.  Everything after this will take mere minutes in comparison. 

Then starting over with just a few paces, begin to practice a faster pace. Practice this until you’ve obtained several paces, with turns and stops at a faster pace.

Now separately, train your dog to understand COLLAR CUES.  Tutorial HERE.

Now start again from the very beginning, walking only a few paces, tube in hand, this time with the leash attached.  Work through the entire process again, with the leash attached. In the future, carry only a tube or a Kong  toy with a FORSTA treat as an emergency distraction technique when duration is needed.


Celebrate!  You have achieved something that took thoughtful work.