Shelter Dog Enrichment 


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Enrichment is vital for shelter dogs. 

Positive interaction with volunteers and the visiting public can safely be facilitated through enrichment games, creating focused and calm dogs in the process. Many of the games can be made ahead of time by school groups and then administered by shelter staff while the children observe!


The following are capable in a standard kennel run.


Enrichment 1:  Take a dishtowel and wrap a FORSTA filled toy in it. Let the dog work it out. For added difficulty, put the towel wrapped toy inside of a shallow bucket. 


Enrichment 2: Cut up a pair of old jeans or use old jean shorts.  Fill up each pocket with a FORSTA treat.  Give to the dog.


Enrichment 3: Take a muffin tin and place treats in the compartments.  Cover the compartments with tennis balls.


Enrichment 4: Using a plastic tub an appropriate size for the dog, fill it with 2-6 inches of water (depending on the size of the dogs snout) and put 3-4 FORSTA treats in the water to float around.  Let the dog work to retrieve them.  Even easier; drop some treats into their water bowl.


Enrichment 5: Fill a cardboard box with pieces of crumbled newspaper.  Somewhere in the newspaper, hide a toilet paper roll  (or two) with FORSTA treats.


Enrichment 6: Tape toilet paper rolls, empty applesauce cups or small cardboard boxes on the wall at a height the dog can reach while the dog is going potty outside. Hide a treat in a few of the rolls. 


Enrichment 7: Cut up an old stuffed animal; remove all the fluff and stuff the carcass with a toy filled with FORSTA treats.  Place among other stuffed toys for added difficulty.


Enrichment 8: Stuff PVC tubing with newspaper on one end, insert FORSTA treats into the tube and stuff the other end with more newspaper.


Enrichment 9: Cut a slit into the side of a dog safe tennis ball.  Stuff with FORSTA treats. For added difficulty, put the tennis ball inside an old tube sock.


Enrichment 10: For kibble feeding times put FORSTA treats into a dog bowl and place another dog bowl on top of it, nesting style.  Put the dog’s kibble in the top bowl.