Post Surgery


I have lived with dogs through multiple surgeries, including amputations, ACL repairs, C-sections and tumor removals.  For older and younger dogs alike, enrichment is essential to keeping them happy during recovery.  Bored dogs will play with empty bowls, chew on the kennel bars, lick themselves insensately or simply whine to the point of insanity.

Here are some enrichment ideas for your post surgery pup using FORSTA food treats. If you’re pup is on a prescription diet, contact us to order custom FORSTA treats made from your pups food at


Game 1:  Take a dishtowel and wrap a FORSTA filled toy in it.  Put the towel inside of a shallow bucket.  Let the dog work it out.


Game 2: Build a line of 5-10 different food toys (or use yogurt cups and toilet paper tubes).  Place FORSTA treats in only one of the toys or tubes.  Create a starting line and time how long it takes for your dog to figure out which toy or tube has the treat in it. 


Game 3: Cut up a pair of old jeans or use old jean shorts.  Fill up each pocket with a FORSTA treat.  Give to the dog.


Game 4: Using 3 cups, place a treat underneath one of them.  Move the cups around and when they are about 4 inches apart from each other, line them up.  Ask the dog to choose the correct one.  When he finds it, lift the cup and give him the treat.


Game 5:  Take a muffin tin and place treats in the compartments.  Cover the compartments with tennis balls.


Game 6:  Hide FORSTA treats around the patio or yard.


Game 7:  Using a plastic tub an appropriate size for the dog, fill it with 2-6 inches of water (depending on the size of the dogs snout) and put 3-4 FORSTA treats in the water to float around.  Let the dog work to retrieve them. Even easier; drop some treats into their water bowl.


Game 8: Fill a cardboard box with pieces of crumbled newspaper.  Somewhere in the newspaper, hide a toilet paper roll  (or two) with FORSTA treats.


Game 9: Tape toilet paper rolls, empty applesauce cups or small cardboard boxes on the wall at a height the dog can reach.  Hide a treat in a few of the rolls.  You can also tape the containers to the underside of tables!


Game 10:  Cut up an old stuffed animal; remove all the fluff and stuff the carcass with a toy filled with FORSTA treats.  Place among other stuffed toys for added difficulty.