It's time to train your puppy!  You can do it!

We offer online training classes so that you can get all the information you need on your own schedule and at your pace!

Here are some commonly asked questions about our classes!

Q: Could you please send me info about the training? Is 8 weeks old too early to begin training?

A: The class is broken up into two sections — lessons for obedience and units of study for foundation behaviors, socialization, problem-solving and focus games. We use treats for training and luring to gain behaviors. We remove the lures in lesson 3 and transfer to hand cues, and then transfer to verbal cues at the end ( though most people like to add them as they go- totally up to you!)

8 weeks is a perfect age to start! We try to post videos of puppies of all ages, but almost every puppy in our videos is between the ages of 9-24 weeks old!

Q: Do you use clicker training as well? 

A:  I don’t use clicker training for basic obedience and puppy classes but you certainly could if you wanted to! You would just click right before you presented the treat each time!

Q: Is there a set time each week for your online classes? If so, what is the time? Also, how many weeks and what is the cost?

A: There is no set time each week. The price is $120. The cost gives you access to all the information for six months, and weekly emails with extra information and time to submit videos and questions for six weeks. You receive an individualized email to all of your questions during these six weeks!

The lessons and content give you everything you need through basic obedience, so it would take most dogs about 6 weeks if you practice each day, but dogs are flexible and can learn new skills whenever you’re ready, so it’s also entirely possible and fine to take 16 weeks or more to complete the training!

Q: How do I access the class?

A: The class is accessible through Google Classroom or Facebook Groups! 

Q: How do I pay for the class?

A: Payment can be made through Venmo @Kama-Brown or Paypal at

Here is what the class looks like when you access it through Google Classroom.

Here is what the class looks like when you access it through Facebook Groups.

Here is a fun movie trailer promoting the class!

Please email me if you have any questions!