Relieving Anxiety at the Vets Office


FORSTA treats can turn a stressful vet visit into a calm and easy experience for your dog.  Giving them a toy filled with FORSTA treats while they wait for the doctor can lower their anxiety, distract them, and let them find comfort in the situation. 

Husbandry training can be used to train your dog to prepare for the vet visit.  Your dog can be trained to climb on the scale, voluntarily stand still for blood draw and vaccines, rest his chin in your hand for ear and eye examinations and open his mouth for dental check ups.

Preparing and training these behaviors outside of the vet’s office is necessary, but you’ll easily be able to maintain all these behaviors with a few FORSTA treats once at the office.

I usually fill the toy 3 times: Once for the waiting room, once for the scale, the eye/ear examination, and to lick while vaccines are being given, and lastly for the time while I am paying the bill.