Whether it's to quiet down, to calm down, or just to keep happy, we understand what dogs need.  In fact, that's where we got our name.

FÖRSTÅ DOG translated from Swedish is, "To understand dog". 




Our Commitment to Shelter Dogs 

Like most dog trainers, my career began working in a shelter.  Something in you is forever changed when you've worked in animal rescue long enough.  A silent voice that says "I can't do this anymore" creeps in.  A nagging feeling that there is never enough time, enough money, enough people to help all the dogs who come into your scope of consciousness each day. The funny thing is, you feel this way for about an hour every so often and then a dog comes in and you can't say no.  Because that dog is willing and eager to learn, eager to try, eager to have a chance.  His eagerness inspires you and so you try again.  


We might not be able to do much but we've always been able to do something.  Now we have the chance to do something great; give these dogs something to do, keep 

them busy, and make the shelter life a little less boring.


Shelters who are able to utilize enrichment programs have happier, healthier, calmer dogs for adoption.  They have more positive interactions with staff and volunteers.  

They learn to rely on a routine, on a daily activity and so they calm down. They learn that strange faces mean something positive is about to happen and so they calm down.  

They are tired from working for their food and so they calm down.  


We can give them a goal, give them focus, give them a routine, give them another chance, just by giving them a treat.  


FORSTA partnering shelters can sign up to receive monthly packages of treats at a discount.



Our Committment to the Small Business

Our herbs, our meat, our packaging, our labels, our designers, our promotional give-a-ways and are purchased and sourced through small business.


Our retail partners are small business.